On-Campus Dormitories

Office of Dormitories Affairs has the responsibility of providing accommodation for students being eligible for that and supervising the quality implementation of disciplinary regulations and dormitory rules. It also monitors the maintenance and upgrading of facilities in these places.


The price of dorms are starting from 35$ per month (not included meals) for shared room.  Female and male dormitories are separated.



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Off-Campus Dormitories

The price of dorms are starting from 40$ per month (not included meals) for shared room. It is just for male. 


Living Costs

We have given a few examples of typical costs below to give you some guidance:

Estimated minimum living costs

Per month

Accommodation depending on type


Food, toiletries and laundry


Books, stationery, photocopying and printing


Mobile phone costs


Local Travel – if required


Student Card

Once (7$)

The costs given above are estimates, and do not include any money for mobile phone/telephone costs, leisure activities, or initial set-up costs of bedding, kitchen equipment and warm clothing.

Please note:

  • These expenses will vary from one student to another according to your lifestyle and circumstances, as everybody is different! Remember that you will need additional money to cover these costs. 
  • The amount of money that you need also varies according to the time of year.
  • At the start of the academic year you will need to have access to enough money to pay accommodation, and also to buy items that you need when you first arrive.





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