• No person is allowed to attend a class unless officially enrolled with the appropriate fees paid.
  • Students with more than three inexcusable absences will not be eligible to take the final exam and will not be offered a final certificate; therefore, they are required to repeat the course.  Or students with more than three inexcusable absences should make a plan with instructor to catch up the rest of class (Student should paid for privet class) . 
  • Ladies’ photograph must be with head scarf.
  • Those enrollees, who have some knowledge of Persian language, will be given a placement test on arrival to assess their language level, followed by an interview. They are then placed in a class that matches their language needs.
  • Students are not allowed to change their class without the prior permission of Department of Education.



Students must drop courses by the Deadline to be eligible for refunds. No refunds are given after that and students must withdraw if they do not wish to remain in the course.



one week prior to the class start date

100% tuition refund

Within one week of the course start

50%  tuition refund

Within 2 weeks of the course start

No refund





 Today : 84
 Yesterday : 172
 All : 100359